a safe amp; Impoverished equitable Highly Affluent operating zone Number of Communities a 0 10 Number of Communities b 1.0 Number of Communities C…

Use this diagram (Dyball & Newell Figure 6.10; modified version Module 3, page 28 figures 6.10 a, b, and c) to explain Dyball and Newell’s concept of Convergence in your own words. In your post, compare and contrast “a”, “b” and “c” as depicted in the diagram, explain which part of the diagram shows the greatest level of social justice, then explain which is the best human-ecological solution.

a safe &ImpoverishedequitableHighly Affluentoperating zoneNumber ofCommunitiesa010Number ofCommunitiesb1.0Number ofCommunitiesCIncreaseimpover-Eliminateished toConvergenceprofligateadequateconsumption1.02SustainableUnsustainableIncreasing unsustainability of lifestyle

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