Activity This is a great time to include your family in chemistry. * Try one of the two recipes below.

ActivityThis is a great time to include your family in chemistry.*Try one of the two recipes below.*Then write an “equation” to describe the “reactants” and “products” in the recipe.oThey do not require cooking, so there will be no real reaction.oThey are really just mixtures.oWe are just using them to try to understand the form for equations.*After you make the recipe, describe three physical properties of the product.Recipe 1: Fake Blood*1/2 cup White Corn Syrup*1/2 tbs. (tablespoon) Red Food Color*1/2 tsp. (teaspoon) Yellow Food Color*1/2 tbs. (tablespoon) Water (This is optional. It makes the “blood” a little thinner.)*Mix all ingredients and try it!oDon’t get this on fabric – clothes, furniture. There is a lot of dye in this recipe!oCheck this Web resource from the U.S. FDA for some tips on using dyes and paints on your skin! Novelty MakeupRecipe 2: Fake Flesh*1/2 cup Flour*1/2 cup Corn Starch*1/2 cup White Glue1.Mix together the flour and corn starch.2.Add the glue and mix until you get a doughy substance. Note: It shouldn’t be wet or sticky, just like a lump of dough that’s kind of rubbery.3.You can roll this dough out to end up with a “skin.”4.As this stuff dries you can bend it and the surface will crack and look more realistic.5.After a couple of hours it dries hard (and shrinks a little bit) but looks the same.6.You can paint it with normal paint.7.Have fun!