Analysis of Variance: StatCrunch

I don’t know how to handle this Statistics question and need guidance.

A researcher wants to examine the production capability of three manufacturing plants that utilize different production methods of the same part in order to select a plant as a supplier for a company. The effectiveness of each plant will be measured in the number of parts it can produce in an hour. Representative hourly production amounts are recorded from each plant over a period of 12 hours and provided to the researcher.

Use the five-step hypothesis testing process and StatCrunch to evaluate this scenario. Perform a complete analysis and interpretation of the results. If appropriate, use diagrams or graphs. Ensure your answer is detailed in all aspects. Be sure to comment on the assumptions of the ANOVA and if there are any violations. Which manufacturing plant, if any, would you recommend as the supplier? Why? Write up your results in APA format.

Complete assignment is attached

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