analyze presidential campaign advertising for peripheral persuasion content.

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the book we using for this course isexperience psychology laura king 2ed
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PSYC SE 12 DB CH 11 Your textbook discusses the elaboration likelihood model of persuasion, which highlights two broad approaches in persuading people: a central route, based on logical argument; and, a peripheral route, which addresses elements not related to the message itself. The study guide for this chapter elaborates on this by listing various different methods of peripheral persuasion. For this discussion, you will analyze presidential campaign advertising for peripheral persuasion content.Instructions: Read the textbook chapter and the study guide Visit the Living Room Candidate website listed below, and select a year prior to 2000 HYPERLINK “” Review the ads for that year, and select one ad for each major candidate to discuss in your post (scroll down within a year to see the ads for each side). The ads should be similar in tone for each candidate; that is, select either a negative ad for each candidate or a positive ad for each candidate, but do not select negative for one and positive for the other. All ads include transcripts, click the button below the videos Your post should be structured as follows: Your subject line should list the year and the last names of the two candidates The content of your post should clearly identify the nahttps://www…com/discuss-about-core-nationsperipheral-nations-and-semi-peripheral-nations/me of each candidate and the name of the ad being examined. For each ad, identify which peripheral methods were used in the ad, and explain specifically how they were used Your analysis of your ads should be at about 250 words in length, This discussion does get into the domain of politics; however, your discussion should be strictly analytical and psychological in nature. You should not criticize candidates or their policies within this discussion. You should be objective in your analysis, and you should be civil to each other. Uncivil discussion will not be tolerated, and may result in a grade of zero for the assignment.

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