Annotated Bibliography about personality trait

all the detail in the attach

i just want about 150 words for eacharticle
150 words * 5 article = 750 words

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HYPERLINK “” Writing Assignment 2 – Annotated Bibliography due date APR -17 -2013 at 5 pm Chicago time HYPERLINK “” Link to PsychARTICLES database Username : asuliman Password: As212820? An annotated bibliography is a paper in which you list and summarizes several sources on a specific topic. For this assignment you will select a personality trait from the list below ( only one trait). You will then search for five articles on this topic within the PsychArticles database; all articles must have been published within the last five years . Within your paper you will list each of your five articles using a properly-formatted APA citation, and for each article you will provide a 150-250 word summary that outlines the following: The specific topic of the article The rationale for the research, i.e. why did the researchers do this (to test a theory, to fill in a gap, to replicate previous research, to advance a better therapeutic practice, etc.) A general description of the people who were studied in the research (e.g. age, sex, etc) A general description of the methods used A summary of the general conclusions drawn by the researchers NOTE: You are not expected to summarize the statistical results; that goes beyond the level of an Intro Psych class You may select from the following list of personality traits: Aggression Agreeableness Compassion Confidence Empathy Extraversion Generosity Impulsivity Introversion Loyalty Negativity Neuroticism Obsessiveness Openness Positivity Resilience Sensation seeking Spirituality Be aware that some of these will have more research than others. Ideally, you should choose a topic that generates many search results from PsychArticles, so that you can scan through for articles that are…

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