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You (The Chief Executive Officer of a local hospital) have just been informed by the Chief Financia.write-a-700-to-1000-word-paper-that-discusses-the-following-imagine-you-are-the-supervisor-of/l Officer who has been handling contract negotiations with the nursing staff that things have broken down and that it is inevitable that the nursing staff will go on strike 10 days from now. The central issue is over collective compensation, as it relates to the mix of salaries and pension plans. Although you have read about the obligations and factors that go into collective bargaining, this is less of a question as to what you can legally do from a collective bargaining stance and not so much whether you can meet their demands (it is assumed in the problem that you will continue to meet and negotiate to attempt to work out the issue). What I would like you to do is develop your operating and public relations plan for how you will deal with this issue (remember, your plan should start now and not wait to see if a negotiation is reached). From an operational standpoint, will you continue to operate? If so, how? What actions will you take to ensure continuity of care? From a PR standpoint who will you contact and what will your message(s) be (will it be different depending on who you contact)?

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