Application of Erikson’s theory

Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial development is emphasized. It also gives a description of Erikson theory, including the stages of development.
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Please see response attached for chart form of this response, which gives an excellent visual representation of how the information about the characters fits into the different stages. The children were the most difficult to locate, so I did the best I could be choose children that most people will know.

Let’s take a closer look.


  1. References please (I only need one section, the identify a character at each stage. I am unsure of how to pick and relate television, etc. characters while tying it in with Erikson’s theory. I should only need about a page worth of information, and I am stumped on how to do this part. The first part I get, but not this one.) Thank you.

The first ‘famous’ movie that comes to mind is the Titanic, mainly because it has characters of the later stages of Erikson’s theory and most people have seen the movie. As mentioned above, the children are the hardest to choose, but I chose some that most people should know for each age group (see chart attached).

Briefly, you need to describe each stage (sounds like you have completed this) and then apply it to a character for each stage. It is often beneficial to use characters that most people are familiar with, if possible. Let’s go with characters from the following television shows and movies, which I fit into the chart attached for a clear visual representation of how they fit into Erikson’s theory and stages:

  1. The Simpson’s, for the younger stages;
  2. Roseanne is also familiar television series to consider for the middle aged characters.
  3. The Movie, the Deceiver, for one of the younger children
  4. The Movie, the Titanic for the older children and adults.
  5. The familiar soap opera: General Hospital for another child character.

The information comes from the following websites:

. See the Movie, the Deceiver child character, at
· For the Simpson’s click or and …