Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme.

Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme – Knowledge questions

You are required to complete fully the knowledge questions, externally set by CYQ. These knowledge questions should be completed prior to the case study, as the knowledge required in this section will assist you with completion of your case study.

Give one reason why it is important to gain a client’s informed consent before collecting nutritional information

Outline 3 key things you would need to know about a client in order to offer nutritional advice


Explain the legal and ethical implications of collecting nutritional information with reference to:

Data protection

REP’s code of ethical conduct

Describe 2 formats for recording nutritional information

How would you analyse information that had been collected in either of these ways?

Explain why confidentiality is important when collecting nutritional information

Give an example of a sensitive issue that might be raised when collecting nutritional information

List 2 methods of measuring body composition/health risks in relation to weight
    1. Describe how to interpret information gained from one of the methods listed in Q7, stating which method you are referring to

    Explain ‘how’ and ‘where’ it would be most appropriate to give your client feedback on their body composition and nutritional analysis results

How Where

During a client consultation how would you recognise if a client had one of the following eating behaviour patterns?

Anorexia nervosa Bulimia nervosa

If a client presents signs of disordered eating, how would you manage them?

When would it be appropriate to advise to advise a client to visit their GP for referral to a registered dietician?

What principles would you apply when setting a client’s nutritional goals?

How would you apply basic healthy eating advice to a client’s nutritional goals?

Other than the client, list 2 people that could be involved in their nutritional goal setting. Explain when it is appropriate for these people to be involved

Who When would it be appropriate


List 2 common client-centred barriers to achieve nutritional goals


Explain how to apply a motivational strategy to encourage healthy eating and prevention of relapse with a client

Explain why reappraising a client’s health status including body composition, in relation to their nutritional goals is useful at agreed stages of the programme

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