Assignment 3: Course Project Task 2

Using the SWOT you did in Week 3, select an area of improvement in the healthcare setting. You will do a root cause analysis (RCA) for this area this week.

Read the following article by clicking here and do the following:

Read the introduction to root cause analysis.
Read the RCA process.

Conduct and report RCA for the area of improvement you selected. Include in your analysis:

A diagram of the clinical or workflow process.

The number of steps for improvement.

Measurable standards and benchmarks, in the form of a balanced scorecard or dashboard.

Present the RCA in a 5-page report as a Word document formatted in APA style.

Name your document as: LastnameFirstInitial_W4_A3.doc.
For example, if your name is John Smith, your report will be named SmithJ_W4_A3.doc.
Document Preview:

Jamie Roberts DCH Health System MCH 6303 Quality Performance & Management September 6, 2014 DCH Health System DCH Health System (DCH Health) provides health care to the groups in the U.S and is a part of the U.S. administration that is functioning in West Alabama. DCH health provides medical facilities through their staff, physicians, and other medical professionals. DCH Health works with facilities that value blood-less medication, sleep and athletic medicine, home-based health care, work-related drugs, treatments and medicinal facilities for women, and backbone therapy. The processes are based out of four centers; DCH Regional Medical Center, Northport Medical Center, Fayette Medical Center, and Pickens County Medical Center. The DCH Health is headquartered in Tuscaloosa (“General Information”, 2013). DCH Regional Medical Center is the founder of DCH Health Systems. DCH Regional Medical Center’s operations include pediatrics, orthopedics, oncology, and cardiology as well as have the area’s most intense trauma and intensive care units (“General Information”, 2013). Situational Analysis Health care facilities’ main focus is price and over the years it has become a challenge to be able to predict the costs and profits considering that growth is now categorized into more levels with accidental results. Conveniences, clinical events, and employment relations are the most changed elements in health care institutions and also the main cause for expenses in health care groups. To achieve recruitment and procedures as well as increase revenue from within the organization, ERP systems are used. Health care business can be complicated and it requires obligation for improved connectivity among hospitals, insurance companies, management systems, doctors and patients. ERP is responsible for developing the way for achieving system implementation of employment and patient care strategies. Supply chain organization, finance, human capital, patient…

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