autobiography case study

Based on an autobiography students are required to write an in-depth case study.

Description : Case Study. Students are required to select an autobiographyin which the author describes their personal history and relationships with others. The aim is to identify and gather key information that the person presents about their self identify/personal history, relational attitudes, family history, future hopes and so on to enable an analysis of the information in terms of the assumptions of a theory of human behaviour.

Students are required to select a theory of human development and/or behaviour and analyse the content of the autobiography in terms of the constructs and interpretations of the selected theory. For example, Freudian theory, Neo-Freudian or Object Relations Theory, Person-centred theory, Behavioural theory, Social Learning Theory, Interpersonal theory, Attachment theory, family systems theory. (S. Freud, A. Freud, J. Bowlby, D.W. Winnicott, Karen Horney, Erik Erikson, Carl Rogers, Albert Ellis, A. Beck, S. Minuchin, M. Bowen ). NOTE do not choose a therapy model which tells you how to undertake a treatment, a theory of human development or behaviour tells you why someone might think, feel or behave in certain ways.

Students will develop and demonstrate an understanding of how theory informs practice – assessment and intervention. Students are also required to review and discuss the ethical and professional issues involved in their use of theory to interpret the autobiographical material presented by the author. (Note not every principle in the Code of Ethics or Practice Principles will be applicable and refer to the journal articles on Ethics contained in the Learning Resources as a starting point to inform your discussion).

Task Sheet for printing: Assessment Item 2 Case Study Task Sheet.docx

Major issues that will be assessed:

Knowledge and depth of understanding of the theoretical concepts, principles or model of the processes of human development - behavioral, emotional, relational or social described by a theory of human behavior
Ability to analyse the presented material (lived experience of the author) in a critically reflective way from the perspective of the chosen theory
Ability to demonstrate your knowledge of the Code of Ethics and Practice Principles in analysis and critical reflection of the use of theory and its application and its impact on your developing professional framework
Appropriate report layout and referencing.

Marking Criteria: SWN009 Case Study CriteriaAssessmentSheet_1_.docx

Relates to learning outcomes : 1, 2, 3, 4

Word Limit: 2500 words

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