Basic tenets of Eysenck’s theory of personality

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This job provides a description of the basic tenets of Eysenck’s theory of personality. It also provides proofs for the biological basis for personality traits.
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Dimensions of Personality:
The Biosocial Approach to Personality
Hans J. Eysenck

Basic tenets of Eysenck’s theory

  1. Extroverts have a relatively low level of brain arousal that leads them to seek stimulations
  2. Introverts have a relatively high level of brain arousal so they shy from stimulating social activity
  3. Neuroticism is an emotional instability
  4. Psychoticism includes a tendency towards psychopathology involving impulsivity and cruelty, tough-mindedness, shrewdness, low agreeableness, and low conscientiousness.
  5. Personality is accounted for by the three dimensions, extraversion, …