Case: In the young population, what is effect of internal stress and external stress on lifestyle…

In the young population, what is effect of internal stress and external stress on lifestyle?
In this article i will describe about the stress in the youngsters as a silent killer. To begin with, what is stress? So any event or agent that is challenging, threatening or demanding is a stressor it could be anything emotions, physical, social, financial, or any factor that needs a response or change. Youngsters of present era suffer from such stressors daily. According to a census one person from seven suffers mental illness in Australia, and most of the suicide cases are from the young age groups in Australia and suicide is biggest killer in the youth even more deaths occur by stressor than car accidents (, 2018). The response to stress varies between individuals. The general stress reactions affect the entire body. Stress can be either internal or external. Internal like negative thoughts shame, guilt, embarrassment or any physical problem, and the external stress like Traumatic effects of any accidents or natural disasters, noise, overcrowding, environmental conditions, it also includes peer group pressure, social isolation, bullying, harassment or demands of study and work.
Stress affects body in every aspect like physical, behaviour, cognitive and emotional. First in cognitive memory problems, poor decision makings, brain fog, self doubting, poor judgement and in ability to concentrate is affected. In emotional effects such as sadness, depression, irritability, panic, anxiety, over whelming, frustration, are symptoms of emotional effects of stress, and in physical effects Chest Pain, Rapid Heartbeat, Aches and Pains, Frequent Colds, Skin Complaints, Indigestion, High Blood Pressure, and final the behaviour changes like Increase Intake in Alcohol, Cigarettes and Caffeine to Relax, Isolating Yourself from Others, Sleeping too Little or too Much, De-motivation, Loss of sense of humour. These all factors influence the lifestyle of a person. So as result stress leads to disturbed lifestyle (The Stress Management Society, 2018) .
Around one in three young Australian adults aged 18-24 years report experiencing racial discrimination because of their skin colour, ethnic origin or religion. As Australia is multicultural country due to immigrants which also increase the racism in the country. Around one in four Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people aged 15–24 years report experiencing discrimination because they were of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin(, 2018). The discrimination followed by the bullying and harassment and even the different people from different countries have vivid attitudes which causes inferiority on the person from minority or the new teenager. Even we can find the different groups on basis of religions and nationality.
School can be stressful for students schools give challenging and hard home tasks to students, many of the children fear from getting lower marks and fail in test and they will be denied by their peer group. Every teenager wants to fit in their peer group. They want to be welcomed by their friends and that is affecting ones self esteem. Thus it is evident that many of the people want to achieve many things at once this might give them a tension so stress can be fatal can lead to chronic disease. 533 students were examined from which higher number of female students reported higher level of family support and the support from the social friend circle and the communication with teacher and the gender relationship helped them to reduce the academic stress (Rayle and Chung, 2007).
Sometimes occupation also cause to stress for example Perioperative nurses are present throughout the entire surgical procedure

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