Case Studies: Prejudice and “The Contact Hypothesis”

From the websites below, read one case study or article in detail. These case studies and articles highlight different types of prejudice in the workplace.

After completing the reading from the above list, post your thoughts on how prejudice might be reduced in this situation. As well as the six conditions of “The Contact Hypothesis.”
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After completing the reading from “Why Women Hate IT, please allow some of my thoughts about how prejudice might be reduced in this situation to assist. Due to the time deadline, my notes are merely brainstormed bits:

First, the sarcasm and stereotype from the line, “His counterpart, puella aeterna, the eternal girl, might as well be home baking cookies,” definitely was insulting. Although the article suggests how women only “make up only 29 percent of workers in IT occupations, compared with 47 percent in the general workforce” and “women are virtually absent from the ranks of senior IT management,” I think that perhaps education and reversing the prejudice against women in this field should begin in primary and secondary schools, not just waiting for postsecondary or recruiting efforts. Since …