Child psychology

  1. In a short essay, compare and contrast childhood egocentrism and adolescent egocentrism.
  2. In a bulleted list, name and briefly explain Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development. Include substages, where appropriate
  3. In a three to five paragraph essay, compare and contrast information-processing theory with Piaget’s theory.
  4. In a bulleted list, name and briefly explain Siegler’s mechanisms of change.
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Cognitive Development Child development is a field of scientific construct meaning from current knowledge study that has as its focal point the bases and that learners should initiate and processes of change and stability from the direct their own learning. As a time of conception through the period of constructivist, Piaget emphasized the notion adolescence. This lesson will discuss the that children actively construct their own cognitive development of children during cognition, or mental faculties, as opposed to infancy, childhood, and adolescence. This being passive receivers of information from lesson will investigate the cognitive the environment. Frequently using his own developmental theories of Jean Piaget and children to provide examples of his theory, Lev Vygotsky and will compared them in Piaget sought to determine how, at different terms of concepts and applications. stages of development, children experience systematic changes in how they think about The definition of cognitive development is their worlds (Santrock, 2007). learning, thinking, remembering, and problem solving, and involves the growth Processes of Development of concept understanding, information processing, and overall intelligence,. In In order to explain how children construct addition, one can see cognitive their knowledge of the world, Piaget set development in children in the growth of forth specific processes, including schemes, their knowledge about people, things, and assimilation, accommodation, events and in their ability to organize that organization, equilibrium, and knowledge so that it makes sense. equilibration. Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive The developing brain creates schemes for organizing knowledge. According to Piaget, Development infancy is characterized by behavioral (physical) schemes, while later development Jean Piaget’s cognitive theory is one that is typified by mental (cognitive) schemes integrates…

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