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C. Some Of The Major Topical Areas Presented In Class That Students Should Strive To Include In Appropriate Sections Of Their Portfolio: Diversity Defined “Demographics, Diversity and Democracy” Existing Discrimination Culture and the Fundamental Attribution Error Gestalt Processing Issues Related to “Face” Language Related Issues (including nonverbal communication cross culturally) Cognition and Perception Self-fulfilling Prophecy Stereotype Threat Race and Biological/Genetic Difference Behavioral Models for Learning; Strengths and Deficiencies Ego Based Motivation Eastern Orientations and the Ego Age “White Guilt” Prejudice (Theoretical, Historical, School Curriculum and Personal) “White Privilege” The “Crisis to Growth” Model (“Culture Conflict and Change” Interpersonal Relations/Romance/Attractiveness/Sexual Behavior “Female Genital Mutilation” Stages in Relationships Cross Cultural Values/Attitudes and Achievement Social Capital (Vitality and Despair) “Power Tactics” and Gaining the Skill to “Powerfully” Influence Others Cultural Characteristics of Diverse Racial and Ethnic Groups (and related potential interpersonal dynamics) GLBT Orientation The “Cultural Triangle” Muslim Orientation Male-Female Cultural Characteristics America’s Educational Apartheid Social Development Models (including Wilber, Kohlberg, Gilligan, Spring/Cross, and Bennett) Altruism/Helping Others Models for Intercultural Conflict Resolution Systems Theory Aggression/Violence (Male and Female) Meaning/Identity/Religion/ and Violence Social Class, Income, Poverty Understanding and Dealing with Stress Social Justice Restorative Justice The Environment, Environmental Psychology, and Social Behavior C. Model for Comprehensive Course Portfolio Development Overview: All material must be typed, sequenced and collated using an outline format and submitted as one document with each section clearly delineated. Overview of Major Portfolio Sections: The portfolio will be divided into 3 major…

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