Counselling for the Professions

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2 task ‘Assessment Title: practice therapeutic of Self-appraisal task: Details of volunteer with a sessions of counselling of three a minimum to organise Students are is to be of the therapy The last session overall. five sessions moie than with no client, videotaped. as a your performance of write a self-evaluation 5,000 words ln approximately from the of annotations a selection you evaluatron using present this need to counsellor. interview of an not a transcript This ls your SOAP notes. your and with clieni videotape information of this although some of the therapy, the effectiveness with your client about your skills and oi it an evaluation you seeking. Consider are give evidence that may thessessment Requi rements plan(s) you implement’ treatment that and the as a therapist effectiveness your determine the issue your with client to an initial meeting will be to arrange first step and find an of concern research this-particular area to discuss. Begin to they would like with regards to prepared to be flexible you implement. Be plan can appropriate treatment plan/session your treatment you will need to adapt your client may raise, and the issues accordingly. need to. To complete this task You form. signs the consent 1. Ensure that the client determine area of concern. meetrng with the client to 2. Arrange an initial plan’ appropriate treatment presenting of concern and develop an the area 3. Research (use Play only). Windows Media 4. Video the last session jt’d!{ ‘L ) i’ f A ” ‘ l’ all sessions 5. Make soAP notes of not too hard’ yourself – not too easy and 6. Be a critical friend to from the session. or skills needing refinement of established skills 7. Select examples guide Workbook as a to Assessment Form from the the Skill Competency You may use identify these. you improve. prepared identify the skills need to B. Be to you of the Egan model to the client that…

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