course project task 3

Course Project Task 3

In this week, you will build on the analysis in previous weeks to create a quality management plan. Use the three steps of the Shewhart Cycle—Do, Check, Act—to complete your quality management plan.


Discuss issues to be considered with the implementation of the improvement program.

    Staff acceptance of change

    Implementation time frame


Discuss issues involved in the collection and analysis of data.

    Data collection

    Data analysis process


Identify and describe a desired outcome of the quality improvement plan.

Present your work in a 5-page report as a Word document formatted in APA style.

Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Analyzed implementation issues, specifically staff acceptance of change and time frame. 12
Analyzed data collection and analysis issues. 12
Created and described a desired outcome of the plan. 12
Applied APA standards for writing style, spelling, grammar, and citation of sources. 4

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