Critically discuss the possible benefits, as well as negative effects, which may be generated..

Task to be undertaken:
Read the following instructions carefully in order to complete this
part of the assessment for this course.
Select one of the following topics for your assignment:
• Critically discuss the possible benefits, as well as negative effects,
which may be generated when a person receives a mental health
diagnosis. You will need to examine and present arguments from
the anti-psychiatry movements as well as those promoted by the
medical model.
• Critically analyse and discuss three theories of the aetiology of
mental illness. Again, this will require wide reading and
presentation of arguments from a range of perspectives, for
example, feminist, anti-psychiatry.
• Defend the statement “Personality disordered clients are neither bad
nor mad.” You will need to explore and critique the diagnostic
label of Personality Disorder [giving consideration to the DSM-5
criteria] before considering the above question.
• There are many aspects to be considered in the treatment of
depression. Critically discuss the principles which govern the
treatment choice. You will need to critique the construction of
depression before considering the treatment options.
• The Peri-natal period is generally considered to be an exciting
time in a woman’s life; however it can also be a period of great
vulnerability for the development of various mental health issues.
Explore and critically analyse 1-2 mental health disorders
associated with the peri-natal period. You will need to examine
precipitating & risk factors, the nature and impact of the disorder
on the woman and her family, the main forms of treatment
available and the recovery process.
• The DSM-5 was released in May of 2013 and includes a wide
variety of changes and modifications to the way in which we
diagnose mental illness. Choose any three of these significant
changes and critically discuss the impact this will have for both
mental health clinicians and well as mental health care consumers.
Regardless of the topic you choose you will need to refer to the literature
throughout your essay to support your argument. It is suggested that you
use multiple (15+) recent (