Critique a research article/ 3000 words,………………………..

Critique a research article/ 3000 words…………………………………….
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Length: 3000 words Task Critique a research article In this assignment you are required to choose one research article that has been provided.(qualitative article given below) Start by providing an introduction of what you plan to do within this essay, followed by definitions and descriptions of research and evidence based practice and the implications for health and social care. Identify how article is reporting on a qualitative of research. Read the article and then summarise your own views/critique of the article. Identify why you have chosen the article and why it will be a valuable and reliable source of evidence. Use other literature to support your ideas. Here is the articles. You only need to choose and critique( qualitative article is given below) . Ensure in your answer that you cover the following points: Is it trustworthy? Can you believe it? What impact does it have? Is it clinically important? Now evaluate the article using an appropriate HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” CASP Tool for the type of article that you have chosen. (Hint: as well as a brief overview of how your article does or does not meet the relevant CASP criteria you should address each of the CASP criteria/heading/points). Learning outcomes: demonstrate mastery of the underlying principles and processes of research-informed practice and reflect critically on evidence-based practice applied to health and social care; investigate, analyse and synthesise practice, client and service delivery problems that can be addressed through the application of evidence to practice or research; apply a range of methods to evaluate and integrate evidence into practice for health care interventions and decisions; demonstrate complex technical and communication skills to collaborate with other health professionals in evidenced-based decision making and practice; justify methodologies, conclusions and professional decisions to clients and families in the…

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