Cyber Ethics Written Assignment

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In this optional [Extra Credit] written assignment, you will explore and apply some of the central themes of Cyber Ethics as covered in Chapter 22 of our course textbook.

  • STEP 2: Write a detailed reply (in Microsoft Word format) incorporating the following elements:
    • Title your response: [Your Name] – Extra Credit – Cyber Ethics
    • In at least one paragraph (or more, if needed), describe (in your own words) what you perceive to be the greatest challenge, threat, or negative implication resulting from our continued and increasing use/leveraging of technology in the arena of cyberspace (consider in particular those technologies that contribute to our hyper-connected world: i.e., smart phones, social media, internet of things, etc.). Be detailed in regards to what you view as particularly problematic or worrisome.
    • In at least one paragraph (or more, if needed), discuss any ideas regarding ways to limit those negative implications (if any), at both the individual and societal levels.

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