Demonstrates an understanding and critical analysis of the topic..

    The content of the written response is of high quality and linked to the case study.
    (LO 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. GA1, GA7)
    Ensure written responses include content which is relevant, contemporary and comprehensively
    addresses the topic. All key concepts must be clearly defined and linked to the case study.
    Demonstrates an understanding and critical analysis of the topic. (LO 1,2, 3,4 and 6,GA1, GA7)
    (LO 6, GA5, GA7)
    Students will be expected to be able to demonstrate comprehensive critical analysis of the topic by
    providing scholarly points of view learned in the HLSC120 course. In addition students will be able to
    clearly identify related challenges and strategies, to meeting the needs of the person in the case study,
    by relating theoretical course content to examples linked to the case study.
    Communication of information in relation to the topic coherently, incorporating information literacy
    standards. (LO 6, GA5, GA7)
    Written responses need to be legible and coherent with accurate use of English grammar including,
    syntax, correct spelling and the correct use of paragraphs where appropriate. Lists of information are
    acceptable providing students relate them to the ensuing discussion. Repetition and rewriting of the
    case study is to be avoided. In addition avoid including unnecessary detail which is irrelevant to the