Develop a global summary based on a synthesis of the inputs, crime assessment, and profile..

Conclusion and Investigative UseA. Develop a global summary based on a synthesis of the inputs, crime assessment, and profile. [PSY-310-03]B. Anticipate future behavior based on predictive analysis. [PSY-310-04]2C. Develop intervention strategies to mitigate future criminal behavior. Be sure to explain how your strategies will impact future behavior. [PSY- 310-04]D. Discuss limitations of data to developing your report. In your response, consider the information that was missing that you wish you had and reliability and validity of the data you reviewed. [PSY-310-04]E. Based on your report, discuss how the information collected could contribute to the capture, understanding, and prosecution of the individual. [PSY-310-04]
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Case Study Two FrankTimmons Crime: Serial murder Alias: No known alias Frank Timmons was born in 1964 in a large metropolitan city, as the second-youngest of thirteen children. His parents were Billy, a lot attendant at a car dealer, and Loretta, a maid; they later divorced. Though Billy was strict, the household was, according to one of Frank’s siblings, peaceful. Other siblings say that Billy was verbally abusive and alcoholism ran in the family. Loretta died when Frank was twelve. She was described as not being an active parent to her youngest children, leaving their upbringing largely to the older siblings, and one sister in particular, Margaret. Questions were raised by other siblings regarding Margaret’s overall stability, as well as the possibility of sexual abuse perpetrated by her. Margaret had difficulty maintaining stable relationships and employment, and was reported to have made a number of suicide attempts, and she may have followed in her father’s footsteps with regard to verbal abuse and alcoholism. In high school, Frank was good at sports and played football for the school team, but he didn’t graduate due to not having enough credits. Some siblings indicate that Frank did not earn enough school credits to graduate because of efforts to make money for the family. The family income came primary from DES subsidies and food stamps. Though well-liked by his teammates, he had a reputation for excessive roughness with opposing teams. During his senior year, Frank and a brother were arrested for raping a young woman, but no charges were pursued. He was charged with trespassing a few years later, and with driving under the influence the following year. In his late 20s, Frank was charged with abducting a woman and brutally raping and bludgeoning her. He claimed that she willingly had oral sex with him, and that the rape and assault were the work of two other men. Frank was sentenced to fifteen years for the abduction and 21 years for a robbery. After…

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