Develop Quantitative Research Questions

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Develop Quantitative Research Questions(s) and Identify Sampling Method

In this discussion, you are required to develop a Quantitative Research Question and identify an appropriate sample and sampling method for your study.

Topic: On-Demand Music Streaming and Its Influence on Curbing Music Piracy

The Research Question must be a quantitative question, matching the research design chosen. The sample must identify and define the population for the study, defined the population parameters, choose the sampling method, and justify sampling choices with support from the literature, properly cited in APA format.

This discussion may be submitted in bullet format as follows:

  • Research Design: (just for context; this may be modified from week 1)
  • Research Question(s): (Only one is required, but you may include several if you wish)
  • Sample Population: (who, or in some cases what, will you be investigating)
  • Sample Population Parameters: (what are the parameters you set for your sample? i.e. just the northeast, only employees who have been with the company for a minimum of 5 years, customers who visit a particular location, etc.)
  • Sampling Method: (Probability {identify sample frame} or Non-Probability? Method choice; random sample, convenience, stratified, etc.)
  • Justification of the Sampling Method Chosen: (2-3 sentences, citing sources)

Identify the population you might use for your pilot test of your instrument. DO NOT use individuals from your sample population. Respondents who participate in the pilot may notbe included in your study sample. You will need a minimum of 30 usable responses for data analysis.

Research Question Examples

Characteristics of a Good Research Question:

  • The question is feasible – it is researchable.
  • The question is clear – variables/constructs are identified.
  • The question is significant – it is based on more than curiosity.
  • The question is ethical – it does not violate human subject criteria.


What is the customers’ level of satisfaction with the services provided by XX organization? * Is there a significant difference in performance scores by gender?

* Is there a significant difference in performance ratings among sales staff, customer service staff, and retail staff?

* (These may also be considered correlation – as difference are relationships.)



Is there a relationship between performance and level of education?


To what extent and in what manner is the variance in performance explained by work experience, sales rating, customer satisfaction scores, and level of education?


After controlling for the pre-test scores, is there a significant difference between those receiving the treatment and those who did not?

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