Differentiate between associative and non-associative learning. Different types of tests used for..

Differentiate between associative and non-associative learning. Different types of tests used for personality test Define emotion Explain the physiological basis of emotion? Interference theory of forgetting What do you understand by working memory? What are the determinants of personality? Illustrate the Big Five model of personality. BIG 5 MODEL OF PSYCHOLOGY? Define attention. What are the determinants of attention? What is the relation between sensation, attention, and perception? What is learning? Discuss “conditioning” in learning. How does it differ from a Gestalt view of learning?
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PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY -The term psychology is derived from two Greek words:-“psyche” and “logus”. Which means soul and science respectively. Thus the literal meaning of psychology is the science of the soul. In the larger sense, psychology is a social science. It deals with cognitive activities like perceiving, thinking, imagining and also emotional experiences. Psychology can also be called as the science of behaviour and experience in relation to the environment. Psychology is an academic and applied discipline that involves the scientific study of mental functions and behaviours and also to understand it. SCOPE OF PSYCHOLOGY The domain of psychology has in course of time emerged as one of the important disciplines by widening his scope and being applicable to different fields of human endeavors such as employment, industrial activities, education, and personality problem, treatment of mental and educational problems. These are explained in brief:- 1) Organizational -It is also known as industrial psychology. It means to provide the way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business organization while solving the organizational problems. 2) Social -It is meant to help the people by solving their social problems. It is focused on the role of society and how it can influence in the development of one’s personality. 3) Clinical -It deals with mental, emotional and abnormal behaviorist helps people to come out from their mental disorder by psychotherapy. 4) Educational -it deals with how an individual learns through educational settings. It is concerned with educational and teaching methodologies and processes. OBSERVATIONAL METHOD OF PSYCHOLOGY 1) Naturalistic observation -It is named in an environment which is uncontrolled and unrestricted but natural and unplanned. e.g:-5 year old child returns home from school with the hope to see a cartoon but when he switches on the TV with eagerness, he found it blank. He shows anger by…

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