Discuss how you identified that you had these learning needs (NCAS, portfolio, practicum…

Construct a Professional Competence Development Plan, 700 words (Week 5, 20%)

To construct a professional competence/development plan, please discuss your clinical and professional nursing strengths and learning needs for 2 standardsfor practice. http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Codes-Guidelines-Statements/Professional-standards/registered-nurse-standards-for-practice.aspx
Discuss how you identified that you had these learning needs (NCAS, portfolio, practicum instructor,other).Based on your own reflections and critique from a fellow colleague thus far, construct a professional competence/development plan (template provided), and upload the completed plan to PebblePad on the NCS3202 Portfolio Blackboard Cite. Align this assessment to Standard 7, tag to 7.3.
Describe the types of activities that you will seek to undertake during your practicum that will help you to address your identified clinical and professional nursing learning needs. How will you determine if you have been successful in addressing your learningneeds?The Professional Competence Development Plan will be marked in PebblePad, and theProfessional Competence Development PlanRubric and ECU Standard Rubric for content, application of critical thinking, structure and presentation, referencing and English language proficiency (ELP) will be used.
Referencing (no more than 10 references needed) using ECU SNM APA referencing style, in-text and end-text referencing required.Submit by the due date in PebblePad.

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Professional Competence/Development Plan Standards of PracticeAreas of StrengthEvidence from: Feedback from prac instructor, NCAST, Portfolio, otherIdentified Learning NeedsAction Plan Type of Activity (what you will do to meet your learning need)How will you know if you met the Learning Needs?Standard 1Thinks critically and analyses nursing practiceStandard 2Engages in therapeutics and professional relationships Standard 3Maintains the capability for practiceStandard 4Comprehensively conducts assessmentsStandard 5Develops a plan for nursing practiceStandard 6Provides safe, appropriate and responsive quality nursing practiceStandard 7Evaluates outcomes to inform nursing practice