Discuss the social responsibility of ethical healthcare

I needcomplete2-3 pages paperon the following assignment.HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED.Mustaddress the all steps properly.Mustinclude3 credible referencescited inAPA.Must provide100% originalwork.DO NOT PROVIDE THE PREVIOUSLY USED WORK.DO NOT WRITE QUESTIONS IN ANSWER!AssignmentPlease view the Ethics in healthcare: An introduction video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPpnaT5VSdA) and use the background readings for this module to discuss the following:In a complete 2-3 pages paper address the following:1. Discuss the social responsibility of ethical healthcare.2. Discuss the dilemma of the physicians with regards to their choice between guaranteeing care and saving money3. Does the insurance company have any influence on physicians decisions to give or with-hold care? Why or why not?In your paper Required Reading

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