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I. To prepare for Discussion 1, think about a time in your professional experience when a decision was made that seemed to benefit a specific manager or small group of managers and not the overall corporation. If you do not have professional experience directly related to this topic, research a situation in the news where this theme is demonstrated. Consider the outcomes of such an imbalance between manager and stockholder interests, and research how to avoid such a situation.

Prepare the following:

  • Describe the situation from either your professional experience or your research.
  • Explain two or more motivational tools that can aid in aligning stockholder and management interests.
  • Explain how your selected tools are effective in resolving potential conflicts among managers and stockholders.

II. To prepare for Discussion 2: Take a moment to view the video “Creating Financial Acumen Within Your Company.”

Prepare the following:

    • Analyze the benefits of establishing solid financial acumen in a company. Tell your colleagues about your personal experiences in one or two situations in which financial acumen was either not supported as an organization hallmark or was actually built into the company’s culture.
    • Analyze how creating a culture of financial acumen in your organization might contribute to the overall success or failure of the organization.


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    In this chapter, the authors provide an overview of what financial management is all about and how it is related to the overall business.

  • Chapter 5, “Time Value of Money” (pp. 148-191)

    In this chapter, the authors provide material on the time value of money and its foundational importance to stock and bond valuation and capital budgeting concepts.

Wise, S. (2013). The impact of financial literacy on new venture survival. International Journal of Business & Management, 8(23), 30-39.

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