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please review the attached file including my professor’s comments and help me organize it by requirement. thank you
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Siggie: I’ve read through this quickly, and I have a few general suggestions that will help you further revise this CP. Before the suggestions for revision, I’ll mention that the content of this paper is quite good and reveals your acquaintance with the research literature. So, good start! Now, here is what I suggest for improving it. First, look at the PhD CP template and arrange the content of this paper to fit that template. You’ll note that you will have a 2 page intro that leads the reader, logically and inevitably, to a succinct problem statement, followed by purpose, research questions, etc (e.g. no background section). In doing this revision and re-arrangement, you will need to reduce the repetition that I noticed in places (e.g. the first sentence is repeated later, I believe in the Purpose section), add a table of contents, delete the running header, and so on (formatting). As far as content, follow the template suggestions, and pay careful attention to the alignment of your problem statement (must be specific and demanding of a research solution), purpose, and research questions. These must be exactly aligned. In other words, the problem you identify must be exactly what your purpose addresses, no more and no less, and your RQs must derive directly from your purpose. If you want to talk about this next step, let me know and we can talk by Skype tomorrow afternoon or later this week. Warm Regards, Peter Introduction About 51% of preschoolers and 30% of infants in the United States spend part of their day in some kind of out-of-home care or early education environment (United States Census, 2013), making early childhood teachers and caregivers significant participants in the life of many children. Consequently, it is estimated that as much as 10–20% of preschool-age children exhibit significant challenging behavior in ECE programs (Bradshaw, Mitchell & Leaf, 2008), so the need for effective and efficient behavior support in early childhood is…

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