Diversity at workplace

Consider the following situations:

Martin is the best candidate for a Trainer position. Martin has a scar running from his eyebrow to his jaw line on the right side of his face.
Gerard is an IT Specialist and his co-workers have complained of his body odor.

For each issue, determine (1) whether it falls under the category of diversity, and (2) how you would address the issue.
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Solution Preview

Martin’s case does not fall under the category of diversity. To address the issue, I will first tell Martin that since he is a good trainer and has lot of positive characteristics for being successful in his job, he should not be conscious about the scar on his face and should minimize the negative effect of this scar with his positive attitude and other positive aspects and qualities. Further, I will also make it sure that other employees should also neglect this aspect of Martin and should try to take advantage and learn positive things from his skills and training. This strategy will act from both the fronts and will help in mitigating the impact. It will also help the employees and Martin to focus on more important issues.

Further, since Martin is in a …