e text cites a case example about Rutger, a businessman who was hospitalized for a few..

The text cites a case example about Rutger, a businessman who was hospitalized for a few
days after becoming dazed and losing his identity. Upon admission to the hospital, Rutger
was diagnosed with __.
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Abnormal Psychology Quiz 3 Name_________________________________________________ Chapter 6: Dissociative Disorders, Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders Instructions: Please choose the best answer. You may either print this out and circle your answers OR write the answers on a separate sheet of paper. If you write your answers on a separate sheet, please number your answers and write the correct LETTER next to the question number. You do not have to write out the entire question or answer, just the correct letter. 1. The DSM-5 name for multiple personality disorder is . a. dissociative fugue b. dissociative identity disorder c. depersonalization disorder d. dissociative conversion 2. ______________is described as an inability to recall important personal material that cannot be accounted for by medical causes. a. Depersonalization-derealization disorder b. Dissociative conversion c. Dissociative identity disorder d. Dissociative amnesia 3. Episodes of feeling detached from one’s self or one’s body or having a sense of unreality about one’s surroundings characterizes___. dissociative identity disorder depersonalization-derealization disorder dissociative amnesia dissociative conversion 4. In dissociative identity disorder, the main personality is known as the __. a. nucleus b. host c. captain d. center 5. In most cases of dissociative identity disorder, which of the following best describes the relationship of the dominant personality to the alter personalities? a. The dominant personality remains unaware of the existence of the alter personalities. b. The core personality is abusive of the alter personality. c. The dominant personality is always older than the alter personalities. d. The dominant personality is ashamed of the alter personalities. 6. According to the text, which…

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