eassy about the food waste or food insecurity

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Should be between 6-7 pages without the work cites

Use Rhetorical strategies ( Metaphor, Ethos, Logos, Pathos)

at least two of the food waste or food insecurity articles

at least one credible source from your google search

at least two credible sources from Grossmont’s library database

USe the article “WASTED” by Dana Gunders with Jonathan Bloom Page ( 21& 22)

This is the Easy wasted page 21-22

In 2010, the USDA estimated in-store food losses at 43 billion pounds, equivalent to 10 percent of the total retail food supply. ReFED’s estimate is much lower, at 16 billion pounds. Either way, though, it’s a lot of food.

Perishables—baked goods, produce, meat, seafood, and, increasingly, ready-made foods—represent most of the waste in retail operations. According to the USDA’s analysis of retail losses in 2011 and 2012, produce alone accounts for $15.4 billion in losses annually. Loss rates averaged 12.3 percent for fruit and 11.6 percent for vegetables. That’s enough fruit to meet the government dietary guidelines for more than 5.3 million people and enough vegetables for nearly 3.9 million people every day of the year. Losses vary widely by product type. For instance, the rate was only 2 percent for sweet corn and 4 percent for bananas versus 43 percent for papayas and 63 percent for turnip greens.

The USDA also reports that approximately 2.7 billion pounds of meat, poultry, and seafood are wasted each year at retail, along with nearly 9.3 billion pounds of dairy products. This is enough to meet the dietary

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