Effectiveness of PSAs on Behaviour

What is brief description of a public service advertisement that attempts to bring about a change in attitude. Can you help me understand the approaches to attitude change used in the advertisement, and explain why you think the advertisement is or is not likely to lead to behavior change. Help me understand how I might alter the advertisement or take a different approach in order to bring about a change in behavior.
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Public service announcements (PSAs) are a type of advertisement featured on all forms of media (TV, print, radio, the internet, etc. Advertisements are geared towards marketing a product or a service in most cases but PSAs are geared towards awakening interest, raising awareness, stimulating action towards change in behavior and attitude. Take for example the PA services in train stations and airports. In most cases, music is piped in (as in Korea and Japan) at normal and announcements are made via the system to announce the arrival and departure of trains, planes and buses or when there are certain concerns that the public needs to be aware of (i.e. a lost bag or item or even a lost child). This stimulates people into action. In Bangkok’s Skytrain stations, this is also the case. However, aside from the standard information that the Public announcement system doles out in all stations, each station also has a particular PSA ’emcee’ and this person is responsible to ensure that ‘proper behavior’ is followed and each station is in order. For example, if individuals step beyond the lines, the ’emcee’ announces the rules that require passengers to step back for their own safety. The presence of station ‘guards’ also work to remind passengers of the rules that must be followed. The PSAs together with other measures push attitude change. Thais are very much aware of the need to ‘behave in due order’ in their Bangkok Skytrains (called BTS) and it helps as over a million use it everyday. So even if there is crowding, order is somewhat achieved. This example however is very particular. In the US, Public Service announcements are regularly used to inform the public for the purpose of risk and safety management. For instance, in the Mid-west, tornado warnings are part of the PSA portfolio and all forms of media that can reach the public immediately is utilized to get all to act to prepare for the tornado and to keep people and livelihood as safe as possible.

In fact, PSAs in America predate commercial advertising. During the Civil War, the government sold bonds in PSAs in newspapers …