Essay Problem

This is a essay problem. I ned help with all of it and especially the analysis survey.
Thank you! There is an attachment and also the instructors coments on what they expect for the assignment.

I am not sure what she really wants. I think this she wants an actual survery??? PLease see attachment.
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Instructor Comments:
Please understand that the most important thing that you need to focus on is a KSA needs analysis SURVEY. What this means is that you need an actual survey document. Please select one of the positions and consider it to be an existing position within the organization. This would not be about selecting a new employee into the organization. You may include before or after the survey document where the organizational analysis fits into the creation of your survey document, where you would find that information, and how you determined what type of KSAs are needed to perform the position that you identified. You need to identify whether your survey will be used for individual interviews, focus groups, or self administered questionnaires. Be sure to include in text citations and a reference list because this assignment requires you to do research. There is an APA document in the instructor files that will assist you.

First what is KSA? . Knowledge refers to acquired information necessary to do the job (eg, principles of nuclear physics). Skills refer to acquired measurable behaviors (eg, autoclave operation). Abilities refer to natural talents or acquired dexterity (eg, capacity to lift 200 pounds).

Another way to approach KSA analysis is to start with standards of behavior. Identify what behaviors are important to the success of your business and of your employees, assess your employees on these behaviors, and develop training programs based on those findings.

Let us see what a KSA survey looks like. .” I’ll tell you what we did. First, we had a series of conference calls with sales representatives from each of our target companies. We asked just one question: Imagine yourself as a customer on whom you walked in cold. What behaviors would you expect to see from the rep? I should note that we decided at the outset to define the standards from the customer’s point of view, so we won’t get lost in …