Ethical dilemma

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Mrs. Lyons was a 27 year old woman who recently gave birth prematurely to a set of twins. The infants were doing well but Ms Lyons hemorrhaged and required emergency surgery resulting in a hysterectomy. Severe loss of blood dropped her hemoglobin to 6.0. Because the patient and her husband were Jehovah’s witnesses, they refused blood transfusions as treatment for the low hemoglobin level. Chris Moore was the nurse caring for Mrs. Lyons after her surgery. Although he did not personally believe that patients should refuse blood transfusions, especially new mothers with dependent infants, he supported the rights of others to decide their health care in accordance with their religious beliefs. Shortly after admission to Mr. Moore’s unit, Mrs. Lyon’s hemoglobin began to drop. It was suspected that the patient was hemorrhaging from an unknown site in her body. Vasoactive drug therapy was begun to help maintain adequate perfusion of her body tissues and her cardiac output was constantly monitored. Mr. Lyons remained at his wife’s bedside and supported her repeated desire not to be transfused, even though to not do so might result in his wife’s death. Over the next 24 hours, Ms Lyons drifter in and out of consciousness and remained very close to death despite a slight rise in her hemoglobin level. As Mr. Moore was leaning over the patient, adjusting the IV tubing, he heard Mrs. Lyons whisper, “Please I don’t want to die– please don’t let me die.” Mr. Moore quickly asked Mr. Lyons if he heard what his wife said. He was on the other side of the room and had not heard his wife’s word. Even though the nurse believed that his wife was apparently changing her mind about receiving blood products, Mr. Lyons was reluctant to believe this and did not want to reserve her previous decisions. Mr. Moore knew that the patient condition required a rapid response to avert her death.

******* Using the above case study, show how you would apply at least four provisions of the code of ethics to solve this ethical dilemma. Do the presentation in (15-20) power point slides. You can follow this format

– Your name

– Introduction ( A summary of the case study)

– Define and ethical dilemma and say why the above case study is an example of an ethical dilemma.

– How would you solve this Dilemma using the code of the ethics. ( choose four provisions which you think can help in this case study.

– In subsequent slides, show how you would apply each of the four provisions you choose in solving this ethical Dilemma.

– Conclusion

– Reference (APA format)

*** You can include photos in the slides. ( But not required).

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