ferences in civilian and military legal parameters in conducting evaluations. Procedures for.

Introduction to Research
The research is selected to find the different issues related to Law and Psychology Combining the psychological studies to the legal institutions generate the term ‘Forensic Psychology’. The application of psychological theories and expertise in the court, la w and justice system is of great importance as for the proper application of legal concepts the proper understanding of
psycho logy is critical (Stein & Younggren, 2019).
This area of research is heavily important because this is sensitive, and the decisions procedures trials and similar forthcomings can affect someone s life for good. Therefore, the research topic is specified to be ‘Forensic Psychology in Military Courts’. Forensic Psychology is defined as the branch of psychology which deals with the use of psychological practices in paradigm of law
i.e. courts and trials (“What is forensic psychology?” 2019)
Research Areas/Topics
Following areas/topics of research are specified:

  1. Key differences in civilian and military legal parameters in conducting evaluations.
  2. Procedures for effectively performing, consulting and testifying about evaluation results at court-martials.
  3. Ethical concerns in the delivery of forensic services.
    Problems Identified
    The issues related to Forensic Psychology are enormous and they have to be tackled accordingly for the safe and just court trial and military system. Following problems are identified which are to be researched:
    • Psychologists have an important role in military courts but most of them don’t have prior experience and expertise related to military procedures.
    • The procedures adopted in military courts are different as compared to civil courts.
    • Lawyers in military courts don ‘ t know how to utilize the services of psychologists in military courts.
    • The personnel in military courts also don ‘ t have expertise to utilize the expertise of psychologists.
    • There needs to be proper ethical recommendations which can be adopted by psychologists to practice in military courts.
    • Their participation has to be promoted in military courts to make the military court and trial system more efficient and just.

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