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QUESTION ONE: Evaluate the Film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. According to the film George Bailey’s empathy filled world is ideal and in every way vastly superior to Potter’s empathy-absent world. Also, compare and contrast the personal happiness of George Bailey versus the personal happiness of Potter. Explain what forces and motivations shape George Bailey and what forces and motivations shape Potter. Finally, how realistic is the film’s portrayal of these two worlds? In answering this question be sure to consider the film in depth and detail (you probably need to watch it at least three times to do a decent job) and also the arguments presented in the Oxford paper. Offer as much depth, detail, analysis and careful reasoning in answering this question as you can. QUESTION TWO: Evaluate the analysis and arguments given in the Oxford paper as best you can. In particular, evaluate, in depth and detail, the claim (defended on pages 11 through 20) that an empathy filled world is, in every way best, not only for the community, but for each and every individual in that community. Also, evaluate in depth and detail, the claim (defended on pages 20 to the end of the paper) that such a world is humanly possible. NOTE: You can watch the film at the Bentley library. You can also try the following two websites, which I believe are free: HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “” Other Options that students have mentioned in the past include: she doesn’t call you come right okay thank you for your consideration you okay [1] If you go to amazon you can purchase it and watch it online for $10. –Matt [2] Here is a link I found for the film, and it’s in color. Cassie If anyone finds a really good website for computer viewing, send the information…

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