For your initial post, begin by reminding the class of your final project in a brief sentence or..

For your initial post, begin by reminding the class of your final project in a brief sentence or two. “Decriminalization of responsible drug use”

Next, identify the stakeholders (and potential stakeholders) of your chosen issue.

Then identify any ethical considerations you believe may be of importance for your project, particularly as related to the sources you have identified for your analysis.

Describe any ethical challenges that have arisen as you have researched your social issue that may be related to the stakeholders involved. Be sure to include your references, in either APA format or with direct links to the sources.

The attachments should be able to help you answer them, it was what I have turned in already.
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Ambrochous Griffin Southern New Hampshire University 4-2 Milestone Two 1. In this article, there is a discussion about the after effects of decriminalization of drug use. It shows that there was not any fall down in the price of the drugs after decriminalization. It also includes the addiction of drugs as the health disorder which can be prevented and cured. Even when the preference was given to the regulations of cannabis which showed that the decriminilization was not being favored by the general medical practioners to favor the decriminalization of cannobis. There has been only few studies which focuses over the positive outcomes of decriminilization. This is because according to the researchers there are not enough evidence to support the decriminalization of cannobis CITATION Vic18 l 16393 (Vicknasingam B1, 2018). 2. In this article, there is discussion over the positive effects of mitigating the use of drugs and the ways to deal with its use. It explains the meaning of decrminalization of drugs use which is basically to include non-criminal penalities for only just possessing the drugs. It also explains that it includes the whole set of policies over the decriminalization which is not only a single approach. In order to develop the effective responses, it is necessary to recognize the use of the substance with the imapcts of social, economic and safety of public health. There exists huge gap in under standing the impact of decriminalization of drugs use which is reflected in the inaccessiblity of the data. The given article focuses over the decriminalization of the usage of drugs in various countries like Canada which also includes US, Portugal and Czech Republic CITATION Reb18 l 16393 (Rebecca Jesseman, 2018). 3. The given report talks about the beginning of unwinding the drug war through the creation of a roadmap and focuses over the practical step of removing the interventionist health based policies. The report involves measuring…

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