Group project

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

The project idea and activities must not go off the last three papers you did. Here is the project instructions.

For this final group project, you will be experiencing first-hand the stages of team development, from start to finish. You will also experience many of the Group Dynamics concepts that we discussed throughout the semester. Pay particular attention to specific Group Dynamics concepts that you experience as you will include those in your Assessment of Learning 2 paper.

First, in the Forming Stage, your group will engage in an ice breaker activity to “get to know” each other. Next, your group will enter the Storming Stage where you will discuss roles (such as leader) ** The group have three members ** and set ground rules in a contract (Norming). After that is complete, your group will engage in several activities related to the Performing Stage, starting with Brainstorming. Your group will decide on a product to design and figure out a way to advertise that product. Be as creative as possible and make sure to coordinate efforts. The majority of your grade will come from creativity and effort. Please use Powerpoint to describe and advertise your product (in lieu of a presentation).

When designing your product and advertisement, think about things to include such as resources, cost (to make and purchase), target audience, where will it be sold, etc. The Powerpoint should include this information.

This is what I will need from each group:

1 – ice breaker activity

2 – member roles

3 – brainstorming list

4 Powerpoint.

The powerpoint should be 6-10 slides

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