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Details: Perform an online job-search for the position of Trainer (you may use,, or one of the many other job search engines). Retrieve one job description for the position. Write a memo to the Operating Manager which critically evaluates the job description. Re-write the job description so that it is improved and focused on the type of trainer your organization is seeking to hire (i.e., Human Resources Trainer). Label the job descriptions as “Original” and “Improved” and attach them to your memo.

Note: You may consult O*NET OnLine as a resource for improving the job description.

Part 2

Details: One method of job analysis is the Critical Incident Technique. Acting as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), use this technique to provide descriptions of effective, average, and ineffective behavior in the area of written communication.
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Creating a job description is a very important aspect of finding the right person for the job.

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