HLT54115/HLTENN001: Practice Nursing- Australian Health Care System- Nursing Assignment Help Task:..

HLT54115/HLTENN001: Practice Nursing- Australian Health Care System- Nursing Assignment Help


This assignment requires you to discuss some of the features of Australia’s health care system, by answering the questions below, citing references used. You must provide a reference list and cite within the text appropriately, according to the Student Handbook.

  1. Describe one (1) primary care or health promotion program e.g. Chronic disease management program, QUIT, Sun smart, etc. Include a description of the program’s effectiveness and describe two principles of primary health care used by the program.
  2. Medicare is the Australian universal health care system. Described two (2) advantages and two (2) potential disadvantages of our healthcare system. One of these advantages or disadvantages should be related to financial issues
  3. Marcus is a 65 year old an indigenous male who lives in a farm house in rural Victoria close by to a large regional town. He has no family living close by. He retired from his job as a mechanic six (6) months ago. He receives the aged pension and does not have private health insurance. Marcus has type 2 diabetes which is managed with diet and exercise. Recently his diabetes has been harder to manage. Marcus is also a smoker.

List three (3) immediate health related needs for Marcus then describe three services or interventions that you could assist Marcus to access

List two (2) political and/or social issues which may impact upon indigenous health policy development

  1. Sita is a 75 year old widow from Northern India, who moved to Australia ten (10) years ago. She lives with her granddaughter, Anita, who is 25 years old and was born in Australia. Sita has recently had a myocardial infarction (heart attack). She spent a week in an acute hospital and has been a patient in your rehab unit for the past two weeks. She is going home tomorrow but is feeling concerned about how she will manage diet, exercise and her general recovery.

List two (2) potential differences between Sita and Anita’s approach to Sita’s health and wellness.

Name two (2) interdisciplinary team members you could involve in planning Sita’s ongoing care and briefly describe their roles.

Sita has top level private health insurance. Describe how this may improve her access to health services compared to a person without health insurance.

Sita lives in Dandenong. List two (2) health services which could support Sita in Dandenong

Sita is a Hindu and she believes that she must follow hot and cold food principles to recover from her condition. Briefly describe how you could support Sita to follow her religious belief, assuming that it isn’t going to be harmful to her recovery or health.

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