I have to write a paper for my psychology final and it has to be on a person that has a published biography. I was

Introduction to PsychologyFinal ProjectCase StudyProject DescriptionThere are many factors that influence the perspective, behavior, and actions of individuals. You have learned aboutbiological influences, social influences, developmental influences, and environmental influences. You have also learnedhow theories and research are important in understanding human behavior. One of the best ways to follow the path of anindividual’s behavior is to read a biography about that person. For this project, you will be the “investigating researcher”who will explain the behavioral path of an individual you find interesting. This will include using the psychology theoriesyou have learned to explain the many influences involved with guiding individual’s life, and outcome benchmarks of theperson’s life. Your theory descriptions can come from your textbook or from credible, peer-reviewed, empirical, orscholarly sources.Additionally, as a good researcher would do, this project will include a section on ethical concerns of limitations andbiases. This aspect reaches back to research and the types of research used in an investigation. This includes looking at thetype of data or information a biography presents; qualitative in nature as opposed to quantitative, ethical concernsregarding collecting the data or information, and human biases of telling the story accurately.You may have read a biography in the past that you can reference, or you can find short biographies online depicting thelife of the person selected for this project. You can use one in-depth source for your biography or find many shortbiographies to complete this project. There are many famous historical biographies, but this project is not limited to fame.There are interesting artists, dancers, musicians, community leaders, everyday heroes, military soldiers etc. Find a personthat you want to investigate as your case study.Project InstructionsChoose a person with a published biography and write an 8- to 10-page case study investigation. Your casestudy should be formatted and presented according to the order below.Part 1: Biography and Influence (1.5 – 2 pages)a) Introductionb ) Chronological Summary ofThe introductory paragraphs of your paper should include:Biography Subjecta. A hook or anecdote to engage the audienceIn the second part of the biography paper,b. A thesis statement/argumenprovide a summary of the biography of theWhat is your thesis or argument you are presentingsubject you read. Include a vivid, descriptiveabout the person you’ve selected?picture of your person’s history andc. Three selected psychological theories.developmental influences.What three theories are you going to choose toWhat was happening in the person’ssupport your argument?family at the time? What was the familyd. Limitations, biases, and ethical concerns.dynamic likeWhat limitations, biases, and ethical concerns do.What was the person’s familyyou think you will encounter?environment linke? Were there anygender expectations put upon theHook/Thesis Statement Example:individual?Running a marathon is no easy feat, many people wouldnever dream of taking on such a task, but for SammyExample: If your subject was GeorgeWanjiru running is a way of life. Great runners are notWashington, the main focus of your summaryporn running, so what makes them become championcould be on his being the first president of therunners?United States and the life events thatultimately shaped him into that person.