I want to work for the analysis of Web site

choose the site works his analysisDocument bears the name of the site to be analyzed with 18 basis pointsAlsoIncludes links to explain the idea with examplesRequired not need a computer scienceMost importantly, this analysis is that do justify the learning perspective from which arises the design and explicitéis what elements of this design is reflected. It would also be interesting that it is a critical analysis to incorporate suggestions for improvement of the environment / material in question. In this sense, all value analysis should properly be argued. Remember that the analysis of the theoretical foundations of the resource is the most important part of the activity and must be consistent with all the analysis developed.


I want to the analysis of Web site

Must include 18 points


2-Location URL http: //es.childrenslibrary.org/

3-Type ( educational game , tutorial , simulation , course , web site , educational application , etc.).

4-Area / Theme

5-Addressees / arias ( age, characteristics , stage of education , education … )

6-Educational / learning objectives

7-Files that are discussed and structuring them

8-Exchange strategies , sequence of activities and learning tasks proposed . Summary of activities with the objectives

9-Cognitive activity that involve the proposed tasks ( memorization, understanding , comparison, analysis , synthesis , creativity, exploration, expression , problem solving , etc.).

10-Type of feedback and / or monitoring and evaluation system proposed

11-Ease of use

12-Possibility of control by users ( navigation , personalization , interruption, repetition, setting schedules , etc. . )

13-Level of interactivity that allows ( computer -student , student-student , . Pupil-teacher , etc. )

14-Graphic Design and expressive resources

15-Attractive and motivating environment , activities

16-Guidelines for application / use (if provided)

17-Adequacy recipients (selection and sequencing of content, learning styles , type design, etc. . )

18-Conception or theoretical perspective on learning that is based ( associative or behaviorist ? Cognitivist ? Constructivist ? Connectivist ? )

19-Key issues and suggestions for improvement

This site to explain the idea of ??the analysis and examples of sites


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