identify an area for health promotion/disease prevention, and develop and utilize a community.

? The objective of this assignment is to complete an aggregate-focused health needs assessment,
identify an area for health promotion/disease prevention, and develop and utilize a community
teaching plan (CO2 and CO5).
The following are study materials for this project.
? Rector textbook chapters 4 (pp.112-120), 11, 12 and 15 (pp. 521-537)
? Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2015, February). Health literacy universal precautions
toolkit (2nd ed). Retrieved from:
Other resources:
? Bloom’s Taxonomy
? Video: Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion – Patients
? Video: Creating Successful Learning Objectives
? Guide to Community Preventative Services
This assignment pertains to and will be implemented with the population/community you have chosen for
your practice learning experience.
? Complete an educational needs assessment in your chosen community setting utilizing available
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health statistics and community-identified health education needs.
? Review development considerations (e.g, age, health literacy levels) of the target community.
? Develop an education plan template and health education material for this population.
? An education plan template is usually brief and consists of bullet points with limited
? The template for your education plan and the teaching material(s) must be submitted during
week 6.
? The teaching materials cannot be used until reviewed and graded. See Course
Calendar for due dates.
? Implement the education plan
? Review current literature on the topic (evidence-based practice) using scholarly nursing journals
(e.g., through CINAHL, Medline) or clinical practice guidelines from: Joanna Brigs Institute,
Cochrane database or AHRQ (
? Review A Guide to Community Preventative Service (
? Develop a program goal and one or two objectives – this is based on your assessment of learning
needs (not what you want to teach – see Rector Chapter 11) and uses educational objectives from
the Bloom’s taxonomy (see also Rector, page 421).
? Summarize content of activity- content follows logically from your needs assessment and
objective(s). If plan includes an activity (e.g., presentation), consider time limits.
? Summarize or list teaching strategy (based on above).
? Summarize content of written material (based on goal and objective)
? List one or two strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching activity.