Identify and assess the hazards and risks in this family’s situation, including child safety…

is video case study is some years old. However, the issues and contexts for the family remain current.

Identify and assess the hazards and risks in this family’s situation, including child safety and mental health. You may use one or more models or tools identified in the learning content to support your risk assessment.

Write a risk assessment report where you present a formulation of the following:

a brief description of the family situation
a risk assessment formulation that;
    assesses of the risks related to child safety,
    assesses of the risks related to mental health,
    includes clear assessment of potential hazards, nature of the risks, and protective factors
discussion of cultural factors and contexts for this family including an evaluation of your cultural responsiveness in your assessment formulation

You will be expected to make links with the literature on how we understand any aspect of the family situation you identify, both for risks and for protective factors. This will involve doing a bit of research. You can use the references used in the set text and additional readings for Week 5 as starting points.

If you use a model or tool to support your assessment, remember to reference them. One note of caution – please avoid quoting scores from any tools that you use. These mean very little without interpretation, and it is your interpretation we want to read!

How you structure your report is up to you. You may wish to use the bullet list above as a guide for subsections. You may wish to integrate your discussion of cultural factors and contexts into your assessment of hazards, risks, and protective factors. For example, you may want to evaluate cultural factors in your discussion of hazards, risks, and protective factors, or in a separate section where you discuss your evaluation of cultural factors and the cultural responsiveness of your risk assessment. Either of these approaches is acceptable as long as your reader can see clearly where you are meeting the marking criteria.

We encourage you strongly to use subsections and subheadings to organise your writing and make it easy for your reader. Please keep in mind that this is a short piece of writing. Part of your mission is to keep your writing focused and precise.

There is no set minimum number of references for this assignment. You will need to use enough references to support the excellent points that you make in your writing. It is a fairly broad topic so your markers will be looking at the amount of research and reading into the issues involved in this case study. For both level 300 undergraduate (BSW) and level 500 (MSW), we will expect to see more engagement with the literature than the set text and maybe one or two other books.

The main body of your assignment and in-text citations are counted in the word limit. Your reference list at the end of the assignment is not. There is no allowance for appendices in this assignment – if you add them then they will be counted towards your overall word limit.

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