Identifying Data/Source of the History and Reliability Recently, I interviewed one of the..

Identifying Data/Source of the History and Reliability Recently, I interviewed one of the individual, who was suffering from Addison’s disease. Her name was Laura, and was staying in the LA County. Her age was 30 years, and she was residing in an apartment at LA County. She belonged to the culture of the Whites, and hence, she was quite advanced in her nature, and in her personality. She was an I.T. professional working in one of the leading I.T. organizaitons. I got the source from one of my friends, who was in contact with her. Since, I interviewed her, after seeking permission from her, the source of information is correct and reliable. Chief Complaint Laura was suffering from Addison’s disease or rather known as adrenal insufficiency disorder. Her adrenal glands were not functioning properly, and hence they were incapable of producing the required steroid hormones mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids. In addition, there were certain symptoms identified, which included abdominal pain and weakness within the body. Present Illness This condition arised primarily due to adrenal insufficiency and hence, caused severe damage to the immune system to her body. Some of the initial symptoms identified in her body included – fatigue, muscle weakness, lightheadedness, weight loss, anxiety, nausea, difficulty in standing up, vomiting, headache, sweating, changes in mood and personality, and even joint and muscle pains. When she used to stand, she used to feel low blood pressure. And, subsequently she used to feel hyperpigmentation of the skin, when exposed to the sun. However, she mentioned that, her health beliefs were very clear. She was not eating junk foods, not was used to drink alcohol and taking any drugs. She used to maintain her body through regular health exercises and adhering to her daily health practices. However, when she started suffering from this disorder, the phsyician prescribed her certain medications during the first stage. She was not having allergies of anything else. Past Health History Her past health histroy was absolutely clear, as she did not suffered from any major illness. She did not had any hospitlizations in past. She was not suffering from any childhood illness, or any other mental and emotional health issues. However, sometimes she used to work a lot, and used to feel stress. In addition, she had certain screening tests to check out her stress levels and determine her lifestyle issues. But, she was all clear at that point in time.

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