Improving job satisfaction

This is the problem:

Your boss has noted that employee job satisfaction seems to be low. He has asked you to suggest ways to improve job satisfaction. After researching this issue, prepare a three-to-four page training outline which will be the basis of a presentation you will make to your boss and other staff. Make sure that your outline is specific with regard to defining the problem as well as proposing diagnostic techniques and potential interventions.
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Job Satisfaction

  1. Begin with an introduction about the nature of job satisfaction. Explain the meaning and relevance. You need to do this as it will structure your presentation positively. Explain some of the possible reasons. Let this cover the first page.
  2. Begin the process of defining the problem by first selecting the industry or work situation.
  3. present the following obstacles to job satisfaction:
    Lack of opportunities for advancement
    Inappropriate job demands
    Worker management communication
    Control over job description
    Knowledge of the overall picture
    Lack of adequate facilities in the workplace
  4. Symptoms of job dissatisfaction include
    Lowered productivity
    Employee turnover
  5. Apply the above symptoms and obstacles to the industry you have chosen and you will have specific problems defined. For Example assembly line employees of an automobile giant will have the following problems:
    Working odd shifts
    No company policy on growth