Intellectual Genealogy Project

write a 4-5 paper on Behaviorism school of Psychology in which you draw a historical connection between a contemporary clinician researcher – Albert Bandura and the particular school of thought. First, describe the origins of the school of thought and summarize a fundamental theory that characterizes it. Then, compare and contrast your contemporary psychologist – Albert Bandura with an early contributor – B.F. Skinnerto the school of thought, paying particular attention to the differences or similarities that have transpired over time. What differences or similarities do you note? What do you think accounts for these differences or similarities? What do you infer about the current characteristics of the Behaviorism school of thought after you compare and contrast the contemporary evidence to its historical origins?

Attached are the articles that you have to use in the paper. Make sure they are cited properly in the paper. You can choose other sources but no more than two. You have to choose all the attached articles as reference in the paper.

I am also attaching handout with some questions and response which will give you the idea. If you have any questions ask just don’t do it to finish. I had a trouble in the last assignment done by you so please make sure take extra cautions in this one.

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