Interdisciplinary Studies

Proposal Rough Draft Project

1.Overview of the project

What subjects will the project address?

If the project focuses on two areas of study-Information technology and information Systems. How will the project integrate these two (or more) scholarly fields into one coherent project?

o How did you generate this project? From what courses did you learn materials that will assist you in researching and writing the project?

  1. Goals you have in mind

What do you expect to discover through this project?

To what use will you apply this material (besides fulfilling requirements for graduation)?

  1. Approaches to the topic

What sources will you use to help you with focusing the topic?

What research methods will you use?

Does the project center around an argument, an analysis, or both?

What is to be analyzed? What arguments may be approached?

What documentation style will be needed for the project? (If you don’t know, search around. Most disciplines have a preferred documentation style—MLA for the humanities,APA for Social Sciences, Nursing, Communications, and Chicago Manual for Business (sometimes), History (sometimes), Library Science, Journalism.

  1. Timeline of the project

What is your expected date of completion? December 2014? What is your expected date of the first draft of the project? You don’t have to give a specific date here but rather a timeline—by the end of the first month of classes, by midterms, the semester BEFORE you enroll in the Capstone class, etc.
Formatting (see example page attached for formatting):
2 pages in length (appx.)
Typed in Microsoft Word
12 point, Times New Roman font
1-inch margins on all sides
Double-spaced throughout the text
Header at the top right (using the insert header function) with your last name and page number
Heading at the top left with your name, my name, the class, and the date the project is due
Title, centered after the heading
Section headings for each section

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