Interview Questions/ Students with Intellectual disabilities

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Directions: You will select an adult family member of someone with special needs to inquire about his/her school experiences. You must explain the requirements of your assignment and ask permission to take notes or to audiotape the interview, as you will then record the participants answers in quotes. You are responsible for locating this person and must not contact the School of Education Field Office.

List each question and then give the response underneath the question in a double-spaced typed format. Responses must be rich and detailed. It is appropriate to use firstperson language throughout all 4 parts of this assignment.

(Below is the required textbook for the assignment and the attachment are the instructions)

Kirk, S., Gallagher, J., & Coleman, M. (2015). Educating exceptional children (14th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage. ISBN: 9781337065733.

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