Intro to Basic Ethics

Chapters 1 and 2 in your text discuss the basic building blocks of an ethical system. In this essay, I would like you to think through the issues raised in these chapters and then write about your own personal worldview. Please look at the directions for essay one on page 28 to understand how to put your essay together.

Follow these steps please:

  1. Begin your essay by explaining the concept of the personal worldview and how it influences ethical decision making as described in chapter 2. 2. Then list the most important ethical principles that guide your life. Put them in a bulleted list. Make sure that you include at least 10 guidelines. 3. In conclusion, discuss the relationship of your personal ethical worldview to the worldviews of the various communities to which you belong. In what ways does your ethical worldview reflect the community worldviews? How does your ethical worldview conflict with the community worldviews? Do you find yourself sometimes going along with community ethical guidelines that conflict with your own personal ethical worldview? Do you find yourself in controversy or conflict over the conflict between your personal worldview and that of the communities to which you belong? How do you resolve these conflicts? What lessons can be learned from the interaction between your personal worldview and that of the communities to which you belong about how people negotiate ethical decisions?

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